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Q: Why I cannot register?
Q: Why do you need my names and email?
Q: It says my team doesnt exist. Why?

Q: Why I cannot register?

A: You can. All you have to do is look at the screen when typing the name of your favourite team and pick it from the suggestions menu. We have also created this video to help you with the registration:
Q: Why do you need my names and email?

A: We dont need them. You can use fictitious email and name. doesnt and never will require real personal data from the users. All you have to do is memorize your password and the email you used to register.
Q: It says my team doesnt exist. Why?

A: We have almost 8300 teams, so it must be there. When you start typing it during the registration, look at the screen and pick the name of your team from the suggestions that system will give you.
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